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About Us

The renowned CAPA Chess Academy was started in the year 1990 by FIDE Instructor and International Arbiter Mr.K. Murali Mohan and its branch at Mylapore in the year 1999 which was in October 2007 on Vijayadasami day established as Shakthi Chess Academy (SCA).

The panel of coaches, with distinguished track records, render their consistent professional support for the achievements of the students. The academy has successfully trained around 500 students till date and still on the track of glory.

Chess Training

From teaching the absolute beginner the basic rules of chess, to more advanced topics such as openings, tactics, strategy and general playing tips, we have been training kids to become better in playing the game.

We have different sessions based on the kids’s chess level.

Beginners: Tuesdays and Thursdays Online 19.30 to 20.30
Intermediate: Mondays, Wednesday sand Fridays Online 19.30 to 20.30
Advanced : Personal Coaching and timings

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